On January 27, 2013, Pastor Saeed Abedini was sentenced to eight years in a notorious Iranian prison for founding Christian home groups in Iran. He had previously been arrested and detained nine times for sharing the Gospel. A US citizen since 2010, his story was shared via news and social networks creating a global movement of support and prayer that led to his ultimate release on January 16, 2016.

A former Muslim, Pastor Abedini accepted Christ at the age of 20 and immediately felt the family impact of converting to the Christian faith. He felt a strong calling to plant and grow churches in his native country of Iran despite constant threats and intimidation. His work to build an orphanage in the city of Rasht began the journey that thrust his family into the global spotlight.

Today, Pastor Saeed continues to share the gospel and tell the story of the persecuted church. The Abedini family has been greatly impacted by Saeed’s imprisonment and continue to resolve the emotional trauma felt by many held in captivity.